What’s Brewing?

I love coffee. What more can I say. I’ve drank it since I was in high school, I’ve loved it since I was in high school.  More recently, I kicked my habit of adding cream and sugar to my cup and I’ve found an all new respect for bae (aka coffee). This is something I never expected to happen nor did I desire it. I was simply trying to abide by the rules of a nutrition program I was doing (Whole30) and I didn’t think I would actually make it. It was a struggle. But here I am.

Anyway, with this new found respect for coffee as it should be consumed 😉 I am enjoying exploring and tasting new and exotic blends. During my travels (international, domestic and local) I regularly seek out local coffee shops. I find that not only do you get a great benchmark of the town or community by patronizing the local coffee shop, but its the best place to experience new and interesting blends.

Stay with me as I visit coffee shops and blog about my coffee experiences around the world. If you know of any places I should visit, please leave a comment and share!

New Coffee Shops Visited in 2016

Lion Coffee Cafe – Honolulu, Hawaii

Don’t just drink the coffee. Go on a tour of their in-house facility. It’s a really neat experience.

Caffe’ Le Logge Ristorante – Greve, Italy

Try the Affogato al caffè (Vanilla ice cream & coffee). It may sound odd, but it’s sooo good. I’m not sure if this is an Italian thing, it was yummy.


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