DIY: Whipped Body Butter

One of the best Christmas gifts you can give any adult is a handmade gift. It’s true. There is more appreciation for the gift when it’s handmade because there was quality time spent making the gift. Anyone can go to a department store and buy a body butter as a present. But what about making your own?

Here is a Whipped Body Butter recipe I prepared recently that would make the perfect gift for the holidays! Try it out. Make it your own. Let me know how it goes!

Making whipped body butter is surprisingly simple. You only need a few items for the mixing and preparation and a few ingredients.




– 4 oz shea butter

– 6 oz mango butter

–  2 oz kokum butter

– 1 1/2 tablespoons of any essential oil or fragrance oil of your choice.

– 4oz cup jojoba or almond oil

– 2oz cup babassu oil

– 1 teaspoon tapioca powder (optional, but helps reduce the greasiness)


– electric mixer or whisk (very necessary for whipping)

– large glass bowl

– pot

– storage jar with lid

How to Make:

  1. Measure out your butters and place them in the glass bowl. Chop the butters in to small to medium pieces if you need to. If you can’t find kokum butter, use 8oz shea butter and 4oz mango butter.

File_003 (1)

2. Fill your pot with water so that your glass bowl is able to sit half immersed in it.

3. Turn your stove on to medium heat and bring the water to a low boil.

4. Place the glass bowl with the butters into the pot and melt your butters, stirring occasionally.

5. When the butters are completely melted stir in the jojoba and babassu oil and essential oil for about 30 seconds. I used jojoba oil and brown sugar fig fragrance oil.

File_006 (1)          File_004 (1)

6. Carefully remove your glass bowl from the pot of hot water using a pot holder or a towel.


7. Chill the mixture in the fridge for approximately 30-40 minutes. Check every 10-15 minutes as you want the butters to softly harden but not cure to a complete solid.


8. Once the mixture has cooled, whip it with an electric mixer or whisk until you have the creamy texture you desire. The longer you whip the softer and creamier the butter becomes.

File_002 (2)

9. Scoop the butters into the jars, place a lid on it and voila! You’ve got yourself whipped body butters.


10.Massage some on your skin and watch it melt like butter moisturizing your skin.

There are no preservatives included in this recipe so the body butter should be kept away from water. The butter should keep for about 4-6 months.

Try it! Switch it up! Share in the comments how it went? I love to hear about other recipes you are trying or are interested in trying.

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