{"version":"20150408","show_thumbnails":false,"show_date":true,"show_context":true,"layout":"grid","headline":"Related","items":[{"id":1492,"url":"http:\/\/penandprose.com\/bestcoffeeshops\/","url_meta":{"origin":1923,"position":0},"title":"What's Brewing?","date":"September 25, 2015","format":false,"excerpt":"I love coffee. What more can I say. I've drank it since I was in high school, I've loved it since I was in high school. \u00a0More recently, I kicked my habit of adding cream and sugar to my cup and I've found an all new respect for bae (aka\u2026","rel":"nofollow","context":"","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]},{"id":1903,"url":"http:\/\/penandprose.com\/exploring-hawaii\/","url_meta":{"origin":1923,"position":1},"title":"My Un - \"Planned\" Hawaii Trip","date":"February 1, 2016","format":false,"excerpt":"I have escaped the two (plus) feet of snow that defeated the American East Coast recently for a one week stay on the island of O'ahu in Hawaii. It is currenly day two and I have absolutely nothing planned. Literally. Outside of my first day here, which involved scuba diving\u2026","rel":"nofollow","context":"","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]},{"id":1812,"url":"http:\/\/penandprose.com\/diy-whipped-body-butter\/","url_meta":{"origin":1923,"position":2},"title":"DIY: Whipped Body Butter","date":"December 23, 2015","format":false,"excerpt":"One of the best Christmas gifts you can give any adult is a handmade gift. It's true. There is more appreciation for the gift when it's handmade because there was quality time spent making the gift. Anyone can go to a department store and buy a body butter as a\u2026","rel":"nofollow","context":"","img":{"src":"","width":0,"height":0},"classes":[]}]}